Open now through December 2020, “Up in Smoke” explores the history of local firefighting from 1930 to today – through photographs, newspaper articles, video, and a wide array of both vintage and modern technology.

Visitors will see an impressive selection of artifacts, including Billings’ first “Jaws of Life,” historic uniforms, a 1905 fire extinguisher, safety education materials for schoolchildren, and tools used today.

“This is exhibit is a wonderful chance for guests to understand how the Billings Fire Department progressed from a ‘start-up’ to the highly-rated and professional department we rely on today,” says Community Historian Lauren Hunley, “We have incredible local objects and stories that really show how the BFD contributed to community development, pride, and public safety.”  Hunley adds that Captain Kevin Bentz and the Local 521 Firefighters Union were instrumental in providing information and display items.