All of the resources available at the Western Heritage Center (WHC) are used for preserving and sharing the history of south-central and south-eastern Montana. For Montanans, we consistently present new research and programs about the people, places, and events immediate to us. This makes us mindful of the richness of our history and more aware of our own surroundings – making all of us more aware of our own home. Travelers visit us to learn the history of the Yellowstone River Valley, giving them a base for which to explore further. In the simplest terms, we strive to make people feel more at home (warts and all). As a proactive institution, we identify community needs early and seize opportunities that allow us to serve our visitors and community to maximum potential. We see critical thinking and community engagement as the keys to fully participating in our American democracy.

Your investment in these projects will make these dreams a reality.

Our accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums requires us to maintain a high standard in all the work we do. This includes how we care for artifacts, how we interact with our community, and strict adherence to financial and ethical business practices. Because of these very high standards, your contributions will be put to very good use. Thank you very much for your consideration.


If you have any questions, please call 256-6809 or email