All of the resources available at the Western Heritage Center (WHC) are used for preserving and sharing the history of south-central and south-eastern Montana. For Montanans, we consistently present new research and programs about the people, places, and events immediate to us. This informs us of the richness of our history and more aware of our own surroundings – making all of us more mindful of our own home. Travelers visit us to learn the history of the Yellowstone River Valley, giving them a base for which to explore further. In the simplest terms, we strive to make people feel more at home. As a proactive institution, we identify community needs early and seize opportunities that allow us to serve our visitors and community to the best of our ability. 

Kevin Kooistra, Executive Director

Lauren Hunley Community Historian

Heather Torrence Volunteer Coordinator / Museum Host

Cecelia Gavinsky Collections manager

Al Gehring Facilities

Kevin Kooistra Executive Director