This exhibit was developed at the height of the COVID-19 quarantine and was launched in May 2020.


Quarantine life is unsettling. Unable to make plans for the future, uncertainty is normal. Many are turning to artistic expression to cope. As a community-centered institution, the Western Heritage Center works to create a space of interaction and community engagement. This exhibit features a variety of artworks and styles from quarantined Montanans of all ages.

Art in Isolation: Response to COVID-19 illustrates Montanan’s response to the COVID-19 Crisis. During the Self-Isolation directive, community artists ranging in age from 5 months to 91 years directed their time into creative outlets to help process the emotions of this unprecedented time in human history.

The exhibit includes photography, poetry, paintings, sculptures, collages, fabric, and more.


Painting link to Kids Gallery
Kid’s Gallery
Painting from "Art in Isolation: Response to COVID-19"
Paintings & 2D Pieces
Photograph sample from "Art in Isolation: REsponse to COVID-19"
Drawing Sample from "Art in Isolation: Response to COVID-19"
Drawings & Sketches
Samples from "Art in Isolation: Response to COVID-19"
3D Pieces
Poster sample from "Art in Isolation: COVID-19"
Words & Music






















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